UK property bonds

We represent a UK property investment company that specialises in purchasing discounted investment properties in and around London.  They only buy properties at 25% below market value and they have a good track record in this market. They have now created a Loan Note, also called a Property Bond, to allow investors to participate in the London property market and achieve returns of between 10-12% per annum.  Here are some of the investment highlights:

3-Year Investment Term

10% Return Paid Quarterly for the Income Loan Notes

12% Return Paid After 3-years for the Capital Growth Loan Notes

£10,000 Minimum Investment

Fixed and Floating Charge over the company’s assets

First Charge Over all Assets Purchased

Funds Paid Directly to the Security Trustee

Money Invested into Existing London Properties

For complete investment details and other enquiries, please, contact us at:

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