Sariza Spring Hotel, Andros, Greece

The Sariza Spring Hotel is nestled in the center of one of the most exquisite and greenest villages of the CycladesApikia of Andros island, next to the natural water Spring of Sariza.

Apikia is a unique village in that it is the the only source of Sariza spring water as well as some other lesser known springs such as Lesina. In the Cycladic landscape, the village of Apikia pleasantly surprises its visitors with its maple trees, its coolness in the summer, its low humidity, its paths and its beautiful mansions. All that within 5 kms from Andros Chora, the main town of the island, and 2 kms from Gyalia beach.

The Sariza spring water flows freely right next to the hotel entrance. It is therapeutic and is reputed to cure kidney diseases among other illnesses. The village Apikia has been for many years the destination of people that simply went to drink its Sariza spring water.

In this unique setting you come across the welcoming Sariza Spring Hotel, where you can find the comforts of a modern large hotel, combined with the rejuvenating treatment of the Sariza water.

The hotel is open year round ready to accommodate guests for either an unforgettable weekend or also for longer stays to take a break from the city life. In the comfortable and tasteful lounges of our hotel guests can relax and unwind while enjoying the breathtaking view of the Steni valley and the Aegean sea, along with their coffee, drink or meal.

In the modern, refurbished and well equipped (TV, private refrigerator, air conditioning, telephone, WiFi, etc.) rooms you will enjoy comfort, quietness, tranquility, fresh air and wonderful views.

The hotel has 42 rooms, a staff of 10, amazing cuisine, bar and veranda, maple tree shaded courtyard, sauna and a swimming pool.

The hotel is also at the crossroads of three paths that lead to places of exceptional beauty such as these waterfalls.

The hotel is built on a plot of 4.000 square metres (0.4 hectares or about 1 acre) and can be further upgraded to an upscale resort or a boutique hotel.

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Also qualifies for the Greek Golden Visa program that allows you to obtain your EU residency.