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The Opportunity 

This is an opportunity to invest in an innovative car finance company with

the target market being mid-prime clients along with a commitment from a

number of mainstream car dealerships with clients ready to complete

sales immediately.


Integrity Life Solutions LTD (ILS) is a professionally managed Company

that has identified and successfully marketed a niche concept that offers

finance for the purpose of car purchase to literally any clients who want to

buy a car. 

The Company
ILS albeit a young company is doing very well with a strong balance
sheet, large cash in the Bank and rapidly increasing "assets" on the road.
This success has brought forth huge opportunities very early on its
In order to maximise these opportunities ILS needs to obtain a rolling
cash investment facility so that it can start to take up the offers that are available to it today. Hence it is looking for ongoing monthly investment
to expand the capability of providing finance to UK wide dealerships. With
an existing cash assets base and the expectation of regularly increasing
the same will achieve the 5 year business plan forecast.
  • 18-36 month investment options.
  • 12-15% returns per annum available.
  • Returns paid on a six monthly basis.
  • Minimum entry level £20,000.
  • Innovative Technology.
  • Cash or Pension.
  • Insured Investment.
  • FCA Regulated Company.
  • Secured Investment over the loan book of the Company.
  • UK Investment.
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