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Brazilian Teak Investment

Type: Renewable Forestry

Forestry has consistently out-performed most stocks and commodities over the last 100 years including oil, gas and gold. With 15 year old timber, your tree's value increases from day 1! Forestry is an ethical investment, starting at £5k for a 3 year term.

Minimum Cost of Entry: £5,000
Reasons to Invest:

Forestry has been a consistently strong performer, out-performing most stocks and commodities over the last 100 years including oil, gas and gold, and has proven to be practically resilient to the recession fuelled by the massive global demand for raw materials. World consumption has multiplied nearly 25 times over the last 4 decades and more than 100 billion board feet of tropical hardwoods are now being consumed each year. Forestry is an asset class not to be ignored, as there is excellent potential for substantial returns. With 15 year old timber, your trees have a cash value increasing from day one! Forestry is an ethical investment, with an entry level of £5,000 for a 3 year term.


An allocation of Teak trees that the client directly owns. Amount of trees allocated is dependent on amount invested and investment term.


This projection is based on 30 teak trees at 15 years old: 30 x 15 year old teak trees = £5,000 Tree Value (18 years old) = £379 Harvest Value (year 3) = £11,370 Net Harvest Value = £10,233 Profit = £5,233 *prices are based on a conservative lumber price of £1.12 per board foot for the thinning, increasing at an annual rate of 6% for the subsequent thinning and final harvest.


At the end of the three year term, the trees are harvested and payment (price per board foot, minus harvesting costs) is forwarded to you. Early Exit: The most important element to any investment is being able to realise a return at any time - not only getting the amount invested out, but also getting a return. This investment offers a valuable exit strategy - investors can realise their investment at anytime and is a very simple process. Investors can choose to sell at any time and will receive the current market value of the trees according to an independent valuation of the timber.

Other Details:

The International Tropical Timber Organisation report that, over the last 10 years, the growth in teak prices has averaged 11.4% per annum and last year delivered a return of 13%.

Company Information:

This company works with one of the leading forestry plantation organisations based in the UK, who have over 30 years experience in this industry.

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