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IRA & 401(k) Investments


International Real Estate Assets is happy to offer for sale a selection of qualified resort properties (entry level, luxurious to ultra luxurious) that can be purchased with a Self-Directed IRA or Individual 401(k) or an LLC whose Members represent multiple Self-Directed IRAs or Individual 401(k)s.

A Self-Directed IRA or Individual 401(k) allows you to buy real estate without depleting valuable personal funds. If properly structured, an Owner of a Self-Directed IRA or Individual 401(k) can partner personal funds that when combined creates a larger amount of investment capital.

Imagine using your IRA or Individual 401(k) to buy that dream-come-true retirement condo in Miami today so that, in the future when you do retire, your condo awaits you to enjoy and or use to generate rental income.

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